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Residential Design

From luxury residences to investor apartments and affordable housing, residential design must provide practical yet inspiring solutions tailored to residents’ needs

We understand that traditional ‘one size fits all’ housing design no longer applies.

Global trends such as the increasing density of cities and repurposing of existing urban sites for residential use, combined with increasingly sophisticated buyers, makes individualised design a necessity.

In addition the affordability, social housing and sustainability challenges facing the residential and rental markets are increasingly complex.

Residential developments of every size therefore require a detailed understanding of the specific needs and preferences of that particular development’s purchasers and potential residents. Multi residential developments must also respond to the development’s competitive market context and the developer’s business strategy.

Working in partnership with developers, we help create distinctive and marketable concepts that apply consistent design thinking across all touch points of the project – from the architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design through to the project naming, graphic elements, display suites and marketing materials.